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RHS Science

RHS Science is unique in its emphasis on domestic gardens, its focus on practical outcomes and its influence through RHS Gardens, shows and media. Our core strengths are in biosystematics, pest and disease management and plant and soil interactions. Each year we invest around £3.3 million into our science and advice activities.
Our researchers have access to intelligence gathered from nearly 400,000 members via the RHS Members’ Advisory & Diagnostic Services. We also have an extensive knowledge-base comprising databases of horticultural, taxonomic and advisory data, and image, painting and specimen collections which hold both aesthetic and scientific value. 

This year the RHS will continue to promote the benefits of gardens to the environment, placing special emphasis on helping gardeners use water as efficiently as possible and make their gardens more wildlife friendly.


For more information please read RHS Science Vital Stats 


Libraries & Archives

We are dedicated to caring for and interpreting the world’s finest collection of gardening literature and a unique collection of botanical art for all to enjoy.

We have an unparalleled collection of historic and contemporary gardening literature and botanical art. We strive to make these truly accessible to all those with an interest in gardening.



RHS Horticulture

Every year the RHS carries out around 30 to 40 trials into flowering plants fruit and vegetables. The charity grows different varieties of the same species under similar conditions. Plant Panels then assess them at different stages of their growth.
The charity’s Award of Garden Merit (AGM), which is awarded after the trials, is intended to be of practical value to the home gardener. It is awarded only to plants that are excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions; readily available; of good constitution; essentially stable in form and colour and reasonably resistant to pests and diseases.










The RHS offers a number of bursaries each year to assist horticulturists in financing specific projects, including overseas travel. Priority is given to professional horticulturists and student gardeners, but applications are also considered from serious amateur gardeners, botanists and other related professions and institutions.
There are a number of different bursaries available covering all aspects of horticulture. Projects, however, must have a very clear relevance to horticulture or a closely related subject.
Eligible projects include, but are not limited to: - attendance at conferences; short courses (only available to professional/student gardeners); expeditions for plant exploration and seed collection; painting or drawing plants in their natural habitats and research (including of an environmental nature)