From Biofuels to Living Roofs, the Wonders of Plants Revealed During National Science week

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Royal Horticultural Society celebrates the science of gardening

As part of National Science Week 2013, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is inviting plant and science lovers to visit its gardens to learn more about the amazing properties of plants, and the role they play in all our lives.

To celebrate the week, which runs from 15–24 March 2013, the RHS has created a special discovery trail that meanders through its gardens revealing fun, unusual and surprising facts about plants we thought we knew.

Following the themes of ‘Invention and Discovery’ the trails are designed to create a series of ‘did you know’ moments, to educate and entertain.

Among the facts explained are that:
• there are more than 1,100 cultivated varieties of potato, including a number that are blue;
• green roofs made of a covering of plants are such efficient insulators they can reduce electricity and gas use;
• giant miscanthus grass can be used to produce biofuel – which is being developed to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels such as oil;
• 5sq km of miscanthus crop will produce enough electricity to power 9,000 homes for a year;
• if you ever see a blue rose it has been genetically engineered, roses do not naturally have the gene that produces blue pigment.

Alexis Pym, RHS Learning and Families Manager, said: “The RHS is a charity committed to encouraging people of all ages to learn more about plants and the impact they have on all our lives. The trails we have developed as part of National Science Week, although aimed at younger visitors, provide fascinating insights that will surprise and intrigue all ages.

“National Science Week provides us with a unique opportunity to investigate, question, and have fun with plants and gardening. And, who knows, through activities like the ones taking place at the four RHS Gardens across the country, we may be planting seeds of interest in visitors that will blossom into a new generation of plant scientists and happy gardeners.”


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RHS membership is for anyone with an interest in gardening. Support the RHS and secure a healthy future for gardening. For more information call: 0845 130 4646, or visit

RHS Registered Charity No. 222879/SC038262