RHS Growing Trends Survey 2014

Tuesday 18 November 2014

The RHS recently commissioned a survey to 2,000 adults across the UK about gardening and growing plants. The research was conducted by Censuswide, with 2,023 respondents aged 16+ in GB between 27.10.14 – 28.10.14. The survey was conducted from a random sample of UK adults. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.


When asked if they have a garden or grow plants? (This can include an allotment, balcony or growing house plants), respondents said:
• 93% of people have a garden or grow plants
• 89% of 16-24 year-olds have a garden or grow plants
• Figures generally high across the country

How important is having a garden or growing plants for you?
• 51% said very important
• 42% said quite important
• 6% said not that important
• 1% said not important at all

What did you spend time doing in your garden this summer?
• 85% of people said gardening
• 82% said relaxing
• 52% said barbequing
o 49% of men said they barbequed compared to 55% of women
• 51% said socialising
• 42% said sunbathing
• 37% said watching wildlife
• 23% said parties

What plants or seeds did you buy?
• 61% bought bedding plants
• 55% bought bulbs
• 41% bought food/GYO
• 39% bought shrubs
• 33% bought house plants
• 30% bought perennials
• 27% bought culinary herbs
• 26% bought climbers
• 25% cut flowers
• 21% bought trees

The following reasons were selected from a list asking why people gardened
• 71% said for personal pleasure
• 62% said to create a beautiful space
• 38% said wildlife
• 37% said environment
• 34% to be active and for health

Health and Well-Being

Being in a garden helps to relax and de stress
• 92% said being in a garden helped them to relax and de-stress

Beautiful gardens lifting moods
• 95% said being in a beautiful garden lifted their moods


Does an attractive garden add value to a property?
• 95% said an attractive garden adds value to a propety

Do gardens and green space in the surrounding area add value to a property?
• Yes 95%

Do you think gardens and green space reduce crime in an area?
• Yes 44%


Do you have a specific area for wildlife in your garden?
• Yes 51%

Do you think you see more wildlife in your garden because of the plants you grow?
• Yes 77%

Front Gardens

Do you live on a street where most front gardens are paved over?
• Yes 48%
o Highest responses saying they lived on a street where most front gardens were paved over:
 In London 62% said they lived on a street where most front gardens are paved over, Liverpool 57%, Birmingham 52%
o Least responses for living on a street where most front gardens were paved over
 In Edinburgh 28% said they lived on street where most front gardens were paved over, Plymouth 29% and Norwich 30%

Does looking at streets of paved over front gardens sadden us?
• 61% say that looking at a street of paved over front gardens saddens them

Do you worry about the consequence of lots of paved over space and flooding?
• Yes all the time 16%
• Yes sometimes 43%
• Yes rarely 16%
• No 25%



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